What is BiohackingSafari?


Biohacking Safari aims to explore and connect the communities and spaces
in which new practices of making research, education and disruptive innovations take place.

We aim to bring to light people, communities and spaces involved in open science
as well as biohacking, drawing an inspiring picture of what it is today.

Biohacking should and will draw everyone’s attention;
so that everyone will have a firm grasp and understanding of it.

Get onboard and let’s travel around the world !

Ellen Jorgensen – Biohacker – Genspace

Russ Foxx – Bodyhacker – Vancouver

Jeffrey Warren – DIYman – Public Lab

George Church – DNAhacker – Pioneer in genomics sequencing technologies & initiator of the Personal Genome Project – is holding the skateboard covered of stickers from every lab we visited – Cambridge, Harvard.

Just after the Science/Art Film Festival Biofiction, biohackers from England, Netherlands, Denmark, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, France gathered for the DIYBio Europe summit – October 2014 – Vienna

What people are saying

“Hackerspaces and community labs enable adventurers continue to discover and learn.”

Tito Jankowsky – BioCurious – Sunnyvale

“Ultimately, biohacking is all about believing in people and empowering them”.

Kevin Chen – Bricobio – Montreal

In short, we are Daily Laurel and Quitterie Largeteau.

He documents and shares his perspective of the many ways DIYBIO empowers communities around the world. He believes that making science more accesible to the public is crucial to expanding and developing research on such topics as #Neurosciences #Genomics #GMOs #Agriculture #Nanotech #AI #SynBio #BioDesign #BioCommons #Biomaterials #OpenSource #BioSensors and so much more. 

She is a biologist, PhD in Immunology, and a science communicator. She swapped her tube test against a bottle of club mate, talking now about open science, education and hacktivism worldwide as well as at Fab10 where she was in 2014.