Sun Conure: Bird Species Profile

Remarkably colorful, intelligent, friendly, and also filled with personality, the sun conure has actually long been actually well-known one of family members keen on friend birds. Managers ought to be prepared; this bird one of the loudest of all the medium-sized parrots. They are actually certainly not an excellent starter bird since they demand a great deal of constant training, daily communication, and continuous socializing to keep them mannerly as well as tamed.

Species Overview
POPULAR NAMES: Sun conure, sunlight parakeet

TAXONOMIC NAME: Aratinga solstitialis

GROWNUP SIZE: 12 inches

LIFE EXPECTANCY: 25 to 30 years

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Origin and also History

The sun conure is actually belonging to northeastern South America, featuring Venezuela, northern Brazil, as well as Guyana. Found primarily in inland exotic habitations, the sunlight conure likewise may live in dry grassland woodlands and also coastal forests. They often dwell fruiting trees and also palm stands.

The population of the presently risked bird is dwindling swiftly as a result of loss of habitat as well as trapping for the pet field. Approximately 800,000 are actually trapped annually, despite the U.S. import restriction of 1992 and also European Union restriction in 2007.


The sunshine conure is actually a spirited, enjoyable bird that delights in sports tricks. In overall, it is actually a really loving as well as snuggly bird that is actually delicate to all members of the family members as long as it’s managed effectively.

This parrot can undergo nippy stages that could be tough on little ones along with on adults. Even the tamest household pet bird can easily receive alarmed as well as nibble. This is certainly not a correct representation of its own character; it is actually a natural response.

Like all parrots, sunshine conures are social birds that need to have a considerable amount of communication with their human proprietors to become satisfied. They are typically lively as well as tender when they receive the interest they require, making them distinctly satisfied for those who desire a bird for constant company.

Keep in mind that the sunlight conure is remarkably loud, efficient in releasing raucous screams. Its own loud, raucous call is actually made use of in bush to accentuate crucial situations from miles away. Also, this bird can stand in as an exceptional version of a guard dog for your home.

Speech and Vocalizations

In bondage, this bird’s loud, rough telephone calls might generate profits calls coming from mad neighbors. Conures are not shy birds and also are going to permit you know vocally if they are bored or if their needs are actually overlooked.

Sunshine conures are not known for their talking capacity, yet some birds show an exceptional ability to mimic various other kinds of audios, like doorbells, microwave buzzers, and telephone sounds.

Sunlight Conure Colors and Markings

At maturation, a sun conure is bright orange and also yellow with traces of blue and fresh. Juvenile sun conures are not nearly as vibrant as grownups– this is a natural defense reaction. The 1st feathers are actually olive greenish in color, changing to a blend of yellowish-orange at around 6 months old. Full-color quill happens at roughly 1 year of age. Sunlight conures possess dark beaks and feets as well as unique white colored spots around each eye. The sexual activities are identical in color and markings. To establish sexual activity, your bird would demand genetic screening or a surgical sexing treatment.

Caring for a Sun Conure

The sunlight conure is actually an active bird that will be happiest in a spacious unit. At a minimum, provide it a crate that is twenty ins through 20 inches in footprint with a height of at the very least 36 ins. Make certain the crate possesses reasonably slender pub space (3/4 to one inch) to stop the bird coming from acquiring its scalp stuck in between benches.

As holds true of most various other parrot varieties, the sunlight conure requires secure out-of-cage areas to investigate and check out. This athletic bird really loves to make its own secrets. Supply it a play gym in addition to its own crate so it may extend its own lower legs and airfoils.

Like most pet birds, sunlight conures demand instruction if you wish to possess a good and enjoyable partnership along with them. Use favorable support approaches to qualify this parrot to perform several sports secrets. This bird will definitely not respond well to abuse or even any type of type of negative support.

Sunlight conures are actually less fired up about showering than some parrots, however the majority of will definitely sprinkle approximately and shower day-to-day if the crate possesses a dish of clean water each day. Conures carry out certainly not just like spray showers as high as some other parrots do.

Common Health Problems

Like other conures as well as parrots, the sunshine conure may be susceptible to plume selecting. This may be triggered by medical causes, even more commonly than not, this is a sign that the bird is tired or even is not receiving the focus it needs to have.

Conures are additionally vulnerable to bird viral conditions like proventricular dilatation condition as well as psittacine beak and also plume disease. If you think your bird is ill, you are going to need to have an avian veterinarian or exotics specialist to examine out your bird.

Diet plan and Nutrition

In the wild, sunshine conures mainly feast on fruit, almonds, and also seeds. In bondage, they carry out best on a created, balanced pellet diet regimen nutritional supplemented with fruits, leafed greens, as well as origin veggies. Somewhat steamed delightful potatoes are an exceptional food items for your family pet conure.

You can easily give them an infinite quantity of pellet food items; they are going to only eat what they require. When it comes to clean fruits and veggies, deliver regarding a 1/8 to 1/4 cup in the morning as well as at night.

Like various other friend birds, a sunlight conure requirements as well as cherishes alleviates, thus make healthy and balanced options for treats. It freezes effectively for a healthy, portioned dish for your bird.


Like all birds, correct workout is actually essential to healthiness. Sunlight conures are actually, by nature, really energetic and also require enough space to fly, check out, and also play.

Your sunshine conure should be permitted a minimum of 3 hrs away from the crate on a daily basis. Seeking as well as various other forms of decoration are actually vital for these intelligent birds. Ensure to offer the bird with a range of interesting playthings as well as modify them at normal intervals to stop your animal coming from increasing worn out.

Where to Adopt or Buy a Sun Conure

If you intend to get a sunlight conure, ensure it is actually captive-bred accredited. These birds may cost regarding $500 to $700. Some fosterings or saves that might possess sunlight conures include:

  • Bird Breeders
  • Rescue the Birds
  • Petfinder

If you’re going the dog breeder course, make certain that the breeder is reputable by asking them the length of time they’ve been reproducing as well as working with sun conures. Meticulously check a bird prior to taking it property. A healthy bird is alert, active, possesses brilliant eyes, clean plumes, and also full plants.

Brilliantly vivid, intelligent, friendly, and loaded along with personality, the sun conure has long been popular one of family members sentimental of buddy birds. The sun conure is a fun, amusing bird that appreciates sports tricks. Like most dog birds, sun conures demand instruction if you wish to have a good as well as enjoyable connection along with them.

If you think your bird is ill, you will need to have an avian animal medical practitioner or exotics expert to check out your bird. Like various other buddy birds, a sun conure requirements and appreciates addresses, thus create well-balanced options for deals with.

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